What's everyone up to this weekend?

Feb 7th '14 19:50 PM
Tomorrow we are probably going to take Holly swimming at some point. Sunday will probably just be a quiet day. We have been forecast rain all weekend

Hope you all have a good weekend whatever you're up to!

Feb 7th '14 20:09 PM
It's a duvet, wkd, naughty food, DVD night tonight. Not sure what we're watching yet u believe there's 2 films on demand worth a look.

Tomorrow we were going to the zoo, kids have a membership if it doesn't rain but looking at met office it's heavy rain so the girls asked if they could go to the local family pub that has soft play so we'll go there for refill costa coffee and a pudding no doubt!

Sunday we relax with films and a family roast dinner

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Feb 7th '14 20:55 PM
Sounds like a great weekend! I love the sound of your duvet night with snacks tonight, yum!

Hope you have a good time at the family pub and soft play

Feb 8th '14 13:23 PM
I was at the pub last night - first time I've been since new years eve we've had a really really lazy morning this morning and the only plan for the day is food shopping! Probably just a chilled one tomorrow too cos OHs going away!
Feb 8th '14 15:24 PM
Friday night was spent catching up on laundry and a few household chores. Tonight is a small get together for a friend's daughter's birthday. Sunday will probably just be a lazy day and I have the evening set aside to watch The Walking Dead. It's finally coming back on after a long break.
Feb 8th '14 16:05 PM
Today has been a busy day so far. We went to Jellybeans soft play this morning and then this afternoon we went swimming.
Having a nice sit down now and watch in the football

Feb 8th '14 16:32 PM
Last night a friend of my hubby's came over to spend the night with us and then my parents showed up, so we made a night of it and played cards in the living room. Today will be cleaning, taking a walk around the neighborhood, and then some shopping.