Jan 20th '14 14:53 PM

That is all
Jan 20th '14 15:43 PM
I am in full agreement with you. While today is a holiday for me I am still trying to get some work completed and I really do not have the "get up and go" today. I am pretty sure it left me yesterday sometime after about noon or so.
Jan 21st '14 15:29 PM
I hate Mondays too..why are weekends so short?
Jan 21st '14 22:33 PM
Not my favorite day, I certainly didn't want to get up yesterday morning *yawn*
Jan 22nd '14 04:19 AM
Mondays are always really hectic for me, but this week the hectic spilled over into Tuesday. I hate it when you have so much to do one day that you can't get it all done!
Jan 22nd '14 14:29 PM
I don't function when I know there is stuff needed doing... which is most times
Jan 22nd '14 14:37 PM
A Monday is pretty rough but at least today is now the middle of the week. And to make me even more happy this weigh day turned out pretty nice too!
Jan 22nd '14 20:52 PM
Ugh I hate Mondays too! Even though I don't work, I hate it when my husband has to go back to work
Jan 27th '14 23:33 PM
Mondays always feel miserable I don't function all day and no reason apart from its Monday?
Jan 28th '14 17:13 PM
I had zero go yesterday!