Apr 7th '14 12:43 PM
They don't get any better do they
Apr 7th '14 14:50 PM
The nice thing about Mondays is that it's a new start for the week. We can forget all about all the mistakes of last week and start again. That only applies as far as dieting goes, though, and not the rest of life unfortunately.

Apr 7th '14 17:59 PM
It is a new week but when you start the week off being sick and having a leaky window in your house, you know the week ahead is going to be a long one. The only good so far about today is that it is almost over.
Apr 7th '14 20:19 PM
Monday is usually a good day for me but I overdid it at lunch today. I am feeling a bit sick too! It stinks that you have a leaky window! I hope you get it fixed quickly.
Apr 8th '14 20:11 PM
Once I got up and going yesterday I was ok ....

My Monday get up and go day 1 of 28 non-stop workout plan picture which was before the gym and returning to make omelette washed down with lemon infused water!

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Apr 8th '14 21:01 PM
I really quite like mondays! I've always hated Sundays though, the anticipation of the week to come. I've been like it since I was at school!
Apr 9th '14 09:41 AM
I hate Mondays as my husband is back at work.

You look great wobbs!