Happy new year!

Dec 31st '13 19:38 PM
I'm just getting ready to go out, so thought I'd wish everyone a happy new year!! I hope 2014's the best year yet and everyone loses lots of weight xx
Dec 31st '13 19:53 PM
Happy New Year to you!

Everyone stay safe out there and don't drink too much and end up starting 2014 with a hangover.
Remember, we all get a brand new start tomorrow. Hold onto those resolutions!

See you all next year.
Dec 31st '13 20:06 PM
Happy new year to everyone

I woke up this morning sick so I won't be doing anything tonight (even drinking).

Hope everyone has a good night
Dec 31st '13 20:21 PM
Happy new year! I'm stuck at home too. Can see me being in bed just after 12 Will stay up for the fireworks on TV
Dec 31st '13 21:07 PM
Happy new year lovelies
Dec 31st '13 21:50 PM
Happy New Year, everyone! Can't believe 2013 passed by so quickly! It seems like the older I get, the more quickly time flies. Not sure if I like that or not!!!
Dec 31st '13 22:07 PM

All the best to you, my friends, for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year. Look at the moon tonight, and realize that even though we are all so far away from each other and scattered across the globe, we all see the same moon. Stay safe!
Jan 1st '14 11:28 AM
Happy new year everyone ♥♥♥
Jan 2nd '14 09:46 AM
Happy new year!!
Jan 7th '14 18:25 PM
Happy new year everyone