Today is the day...

Mar 24th '19 15:57 PM
Got up this morning did my usual shake, made breakfast for my family and just 1 hour in my son's coco pebbles was calling me. I got a bowl and went to town with the substitution of almond milk.

I did eat somewhat healthy.....

Mar 24th '19 16:47 PM
Anyone having CHEAT MOMENT
Mar 24th '19 16:49 PM
Also does anyone know how to make cheese using goats milk I need help.
Mar 25th '19 13:13 PM
HAHA @ not resisting the coco pops! Thankfully since I detoxed I can't have cereal because I can't stand any milk but I have been known to dip into some dry cereal!

.... do you have a goat?

I'm intrigued and will find some info on that today!
Apr 2nd '19 12:37 PM