Hi there :)

Mar 22nd '19 10:45 AM
Hello there !

I'm Lucy, new to this forum, but not new to dieting lol
I've tried many different diets, that have all failed.. but have finally found something that works for me, so I'm joining this forum to keep me motivated during the last bit of my weight loss journey and maybe help other people along theirs
Mar 24th '19 16:37 PM
Hey Lucy, Im not into dieting as I dont get the same results as so many others. I find by eating certain foods Im adding to the process of burning calories.
Mar 24th '19 16:37 PM
But could you share how it was for you?
Mar 28th '19 10:35 AM
Yes of course!

I've always struggled to lose weight, I would lose 5kg and then plateau. I've seen a nutritionist, things were going well, but then again I plateaued (even she didn't understand why). So I was always so frustrated, because I really put a lot of effort into it, I would stay positive, but after a while I would lose my motivation.

About two years ago (I think) I was training to pass a ballet examen, and I didn't want to look pudgy, so I decided that I really needed to get my act together and lose the weight I've always wanted to lose. So I started by cutting out processed foods out of my diet little by little, I also cut out milk dairy products (which I'm actually intolerant to), limited gluten as much as possible (which has also made such a difference!) focused on fruit, vegetables, lean meat and fish, and started counting my calories.

Little by little my diet completely changed without really noticing it, as it wasn't overnight I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything or craved something really badly (and if I did I would just eat it). What has really made a difference I think was starting to actually count my calories, which I didn't do before. Now I know what I can eat without overeating, which has helped me lose a lot of weight and stabilising my weight too.
Mar 30th '19 22:00 PM
That's real dedication but more driven, I did it all and I can attest that after the car accident in 2009, everything was harder. The gym wasn't much of an option since mobility was now limited. In recent times I started using Lipoxar, which helped with my appetite to eat healthier foods, it did affect how my energy output, which got me feeling a bit more balanced. So even by adding to your regimen now you can get and maintain the results you desire, nevertheless, I am happy that you're doing well.
Apr 1st '19 11:21 AM
Hi Lucy, I'm also new in this forum. Nice to meet you. Hope you can reach your goal.
Apr 1st '19 13:35 PM
Same food 'healthy eating' plan I follow!

Welcome to Social Slimmers Lucy
Apr 2nd '19 12:37 PM
Apr 5th '19 11:12 AM
Apr 6th '19 18:26 PM
Hi Lucy and welcome to Social Slimmers!