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Back again..

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Jan 27th '19, 01:29 AM  
Socially Shy
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Back again..

Ok, So not "back again" as in this site, but you get my drift i am sure... Back again to trying to diet etc.

Hi, Lee here. 46yo male from UK. BMI is 50+ and if i dont pull my finger out franky i will be surprised if i am here in ten years time!

Spent decades up and down in weight, did some great lose about 10yrs ago, but it went back as it does (you know right!).

I am hoping that exercise and lifestyle change more than diet will help me, yes im a bloke and im going to try Yoga ! Albeit yoga for blokes by the American Wrestler DDP, no hamr in trying!

Feb 13th '19, 10:20 AM  
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Hi Lee

Welcome to Social Slimmers!

Nothing wrong with blokes doing Yoga, I do strength and conditioning and some of our guys do it. Must admit I did laugh at the image of big bulky muscle guys doing yoga but its so good for us. I tried but I have a really bad attention span, I hate silence and can never relax so I didn't get on with it.

Good luck
Feb 14th '19, 15:03 PM  
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Feb 16th '19, 19:46 PM  
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Welcome back and good luck!
Mar 13th '19, 15:40 PM  
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