A Little bit about me, my journey and why I’m here.

Sep 19th '18 21:54 PM

I’m Emma, I’m 25 years old currently weighing in at 12 stone 9lb and I’m 5 ft 8. I’m here mostly because everyone I talk to really hates when I bang on about what I’m eating and going to the gym etc. and I need a bit of support from like minded people.

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life, I was an obese teenager up to the age of 16 and I was severely bullied for this. This prompted me to lose weight and start going to the gym, I went from weighing 16 stone 7lb to 10 stone. However over the years I’ve gained the weight back and lost it again several times. I’ve fully accepted the fact that I’ll never be 10 stone again however I would like to maintain my weight at around the 11stone 7lb mark. I got back down to this weight most recently through Slimming World hitting my target in September last year, I was able to maintain until March however since March I have managed to gain 1 Stone 1lb (to date).

In all honesty I lost faith in the methods of Slimming World however the one thing that helped me was the support from group and the accountability for your actions. I am trying to manage my weight with counting calories in vs calories out using MyFitnessPal and exercise via weight training which is a big passion of mine. I will try and post often and give any advice and support where I can and hope to learn during my time here.

So yeah, that’s me! 😘
Sep 20th '18 09:22 AM
Hi Emma and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck with your weight loss. I find My Fitness Pal really helpful too

Sep 20th '18 22:20 PM
Welcome Emma!
You've done amazing so far with your losses Best of luck with getting back to where you want to be
Dec 29th '18 19:53 PM