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Hi all help me please

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Sep 5th '18, 16:43 PM  
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Hi all help me please

Hi all my names mark I'm a 37 year old chef and I'm struggling to find a good diet. My diets erratic not often seeing food until midnight most days and missing days food all together. By rights there should be nothing of me but I'm 5 feet 11 inches and weigh in at 14 stone 8 which puts me right bang in the middle of over weight. Please help me. Iv seen loads of different diets in my 22 years as a chef none really help.
Sep 16th '18, 13:15 PM  
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Hi Mark, I always go for the low sugar approach with my clients (all men) and find this works really well because you can keep it super simple. What have you tried before and where do you typically fail?
Sep 16th '18, 15:47 PM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers
Dec 29th '18, 19:53 PM  
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Jan 1st '19, 16:33 PM  
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Welcome to SoicalSlimmers !! Hope this site helps you
Jan 2nd '19, 21:02 PM  
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Hey Mark

Welcome to Social Slimmers

Jan 3rd '19, 12:03 PM  
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Hello Mark
Jan 3rd '19, 15:51 PM  
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Welcome Mark I have a suggestion try Intermittent Fasting..But I see you work with food so It might be kind tough but it's really not a diet though.But for me its free to use and easy I think..Id just google it to find out more.. Youtubes got alot of vids on it aswell..Best of luck
Jan 5th '19, 23:00 PM  
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