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Jul 13th '18, 13:27 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jul 2018
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
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Just joined


I have joined to seek some group support with my weight loss goals, motivation, tips etc.

I have gone from 18.5 stone in 2009 to 13.5 stone in 2010, now I am up at 22 stone 4 lbs today. I am 5 ft 10 male and 44 so this is a lot of weight and causing health issues.

I have gone through significant weight loss twice in the past with a good diet and a lot of exercise (circuit training & Cardio) and I became very fit, but once I stopped the exercise routine 5-6 days per week I slipped back into my old ways of watching tv and eating.

I am a member of a gym and I do go (very occasionally) and when I do go, I do about 1 hour of cardio brisk walking and maybe finish with some free weights squatting, dead lift etc.

In December I got into a good routine of 1 hour each evening on the treadmill brisk walking on an incline and I noticed a difference after a few weeks. My diet improved in this period then during Christmas I slumped back into the old routine and this has never improved since. So I am realising that doing it alone may not be enough and having others to share this with may help. The 2nd period I lost 6 stone over about 9 months I was part of a similar online group and this helped a great deal as you can become a health and diet bore to friends and family and they become less interested in discussing your journey.

I know the healthy alternatives to the takeaway food I like, I am good at cooking, I know about exercise and enjoy exercising but I simply have not managed to take all that knowledge and combine it to create healthy new habits and break the unhealthy old habits.

My goals are to lose the weight and get back to my old self.

That is why I joined.
Jul 14th '18, 08:58 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: UK
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck with your goals!
Jul 29th '18, 20:06 PM  
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Location: Here!
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Welcome to Social Slimmers

It's so easy to slip. I find I slip more if I don't allow myself some things I love on occasions. Currently I'm not at the best I've been either and to keep me back on track I remind myself how great I felt then vs now. I am going about it slower this time though.

First bit is always the hardest but I soon find enjoying the healthier more active me.

Jul 29th '18, 20:39 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Mar 2018
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Hello JMC
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