A big hello to the community

Aug 14th '17 20:54 PM
Hello everyone. I'm a fifty two year old grandmother embarking on my slimming world journey to lose an unwanted four stone. I've dieted in the past with weight watchers and Scottish slimmers and a few fad diets but thought I'd give slimming world a go after buying a slimming world magazine. Ordered my books from eBay and bought myself a in-home walking DVD with Leslie sansone. I have lupus so light/sun can trigger flares so I think exercise indoors more suitable particularly during the summer months. Hope to get some good advice and help from this site and already enjoying reading members diaries and recipes. Looking to the future with positivity

Have good week everyone and any suggestions for a newbie welcome

Meant to add that if there are any lupus sufferers I would love to hear how they cope losing weight. I'm on hydroxy-but weaning myself off this as it doesn't agree with me and now back on steroids with a truckload of other meds but that's another story........

Looking forward to being an active member and 'meeting one and all' x
Aug 15th '17 11:50 AM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Best of luck to you with your weight loss journey

Aug 15th '17 12:18 PM
Thank you. I'm looking forward to my scenic route journey-slowly but surely- and to find my hidden strengths to tackle the bumps along the way!
Aug 15th '17 15:21 PM
Welcome to social slimmers
Best of luck with slimming world, and I imagine you've found all the threads available, but feel free to ask anything you need to know

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