Plodding along

Jun 21st '17 08:37 AM
Hello everyone

I'm the usual story... tried every diet going from Cambridge, right through the alphabet and back to C with Cabbage Soup. I started Slimming World last November and haven't looked back. I've lost 3 stones and my husband has joined me and is losing weight as well. We have completely changed our life style.

I feel now, that as well as support from group, I need a good forum where I will also get support and encouragement. I'd like to put a 'ticker' so that I have added incentive but I can't find my signature in my CP. However, I am 67 and we didn't have computers when I went to school

I'm looking forward to joining in with all of you if you'll have me
Jun 22nd '17 09:44 AM
Hi there. Nice to meet you. Well done on your loss so far!
Jun 22nd '17 10:09 AM
Hello Ali Thanks for posting, I thought I was invisible for a while there. Still, with this hot weather I suppose things get quiet on line
Jun 22nd '17 18:08 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers!