One week in!

Sep 8th '16 11:32 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm one week in to doing Slimming World and I lost 6 pounds on my first weigh in on Tuesday. I genuinely thought I wouldn't lose much because I felt like I had eaten quite a lot! I'm really pleased and it has motivated me to keep going.

I'm finding my main struggle is the alcohol and have gone over syn's on a couple of days because of it. Does anyone else have the same problem? I drink white wine usually and one large glass in 9 syns

I was hoping also someone could recommend any restaurant chains which are a little more slimming world friendly. I know on Weight Watchers which I did a few years ago Nando's was quite good.

Thanks everyone

Mel x
Sep 8th '16 13:00 PM
Welcome to Social Slimmers Mel

And massive congratulations on your first loss! That's fantastic!

I've just commented on your other post regarding you questions, so I won't repeat them again

Good luck!
Sep 9th '16 08:58 AM
Hi Mel, nice to meet you
Sep 9th '16 11:04 AM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Well done on your weight loss
Sep 9th '16 12:02 PM
Thank you AliCat and Bevziibubble. Both of you have very inspirational losses!