New start

Sep 2nd '16 15:47 PM
Hi - I'm about to restart my slimming world journey having gained all the weight + a bit more I lost 😞
I know SW works if you stick to it and I am using the motivation if a LBD at xmas to spur me on!
Sep 2nd '16 16:22 PM
Welcome, Jennie! Best of luck on your SW journey. I used a similar form of motivation towards the back end of last year and it worked a treat--that particular dress is now too big for me, which makes me a bit sad because it's stunning!
Sep 2nd '16 16:27 PM
I hope to say the same! My daughter then gets married next August so after the xmas mini goal I have motivation to a) loose a bit more b) maintain!!
Sep 2nd '16 18:13 PM
Stanleys Mum
Hi Jennie

Great motivation and then the wedding after to keep you going

Hope you have a good week
Sep 2nd '16 20:06 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck with Slimming World
Sep 3rd '16 09:39 AM
Hi Jennie, welcome to the forum and best of luck
Sep 3rd '16 10:32 AM
Hi Jennie, welcome to Social Slimmers!
Best of luck with SW

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Sep 4th '16 19:54 PM
Welcome jennie... we are all here to support you

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