Aug 26th '16 11:21 AM
Hello everyone,

I am Chanel and I am now overweight by around 2 stones. I have been trying every diet and have lost some weight with my no sugar diet as I recently discovered I have a slight intolerance for it. I lost around half a stone and got comfortable and started eating a lot of treat foods daily. I have put some weight back on, but I have stayed at one weight now for around 2 months. Is there anything I can do to speed my weight loss up?

Thanks everyone for your input.
Aug 26th '16 11:31 AM
Hi Chanel

Well done on your losses so far

What sort of foods have you been eating? Have you been exercising too? So you drink enough water? Have you cut back on your treat foods at all since staying at the same weight?
Just trying to think of some things that may help

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Aug 26th '16 17:02 PM
Emaline 30
Hallo Chanel, Welcome to the forum.

There's a good bunch of very supportive people on here so I do hope you will find the help you need which I'm quite sure you will.

2st is a lot of extra weight to be carrying around as I'm sure you are aware.
I haven't got any advice for you at this point but keep on trying to lose it and don't give up, it'll be so worth it when you get there..
Aug 26th '16 21:17 PM
My only specific advice, taking the things that Sarah already mentioned into account, is don't let the plateau get you down. I was plateau'd for three months either side of Christmas and it took me changing things up almost entirely to get the next almost-stone off.

I'd recommend making sure you're getting plenty of variety in as many areas of your weight loss as possible. Food and exercise. If I do the same thing for too long or keep eating all the same things, my body gets used to it and plateaus again.

Welcome to the forum, hope to see you around!
Aug 29th '16 17:35 PM
Hi Chanel, nice to meet you. Keep drinking plenty of water and change your food choices around a bit. Hopefully you'll lose more soon