Good Morrow!

Jul 27th '16 11:58 AM

I am a 25 year old woman living in North Wales. I have 3 horses 2 Shetland ponies and 1 warmblood who I am hoping to start work with this year. I am a travelling sales woman based in North Wales and just got back from a trip to Singapore!

I'm fed up of feeling frumpy and overweight. The other ladies in my office are both quite slim and my mum is very vocal about how overweight she feels I am. I'm not massively overweight I'm 5 ft 8 and weight 11 stone 11 so I'm aiming to lose 2 stone by Christmas.

To be honest if I lose 1 stone and feel happy with my size and shape I'll stop there but let's aim big!

I have lost 5lbs in the last few weeks, signed up with an amazing personal trainer so I now have a little facebook community for his clients with some support and my partner is also amazing

In work we have agreed to have a thin club with weekly weigh ins and a prize for the three people that lose the biggest percentage of their body weight just before Christmas.

I am feeling quite positive about the start to my weight loss journey and see this as a real life style change. I even have a slot booked in for a tattoo in August of a lovely little rose that is going to represent the point where I have bloomed into my new healthier self. (I am however terrified of needles but love this tattoo so there is still a chance I may pull out of it yet! Booked it 2 months ago and I really do adore the tattoo I've picked and it will only be a little hidden one...)

Anyway enough essay writing! I look forward to making some friends on here
Jul 27th '16 13:20 PM
Hi there, welcome to the forum and best of luck
Jul 27th '16 19:33 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers!

That's great you're getting the rose tattoo and what it represents

Best of luck on your weight loss journey

Jul 27th '16 21:22 PM
Hello and welcome!
Best of luck on your journey, and I think that's the best way to do it, see how you feel and you'll know when you're happy when you get there

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Aug 4th '16 16:56 PM
Welcome to the forum
Sep 5th '16 16:34 PM
Welcome to the forum, good luck on your journey 😄
Sep 6th '16 17:10 PM
welcome. good luck on your weight loss journey