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Jul 16th '16, 20:15 PM  
Socially Shy
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Hey everyone, hope you're all well. On here to try and get motivated!

I'm male and 27. I was a small baby/toddler, developed asthma in which i had to go on steroids for...and I ballooned up. The steroids made me hungry and I think that's where I got my taste for food.

Was BIG in school, having to get my school uniform made. Left school and lost a bit as I suddenly got tall. Gradually got bigger and bigger over the years. I lost 3 stone 4 tears ago with tablets from the Doctors. I looked and felt brilliant. Confidence returned, felt more content...it was an amazing feeling going into a shop for clothes and not having to go for the biggest size. I was out drinking one night, seen an old friend from school who complimented me. That was it - as a 'gift' to myself, i decided to have a week off. Never went back and put the weight and more on.

Over the years I have done SW and lost a stone or 2 here or there. I like SW although I sometimes don't have the time to cook from scratch and I can find it expensive.

Anyway, atm i feel like crap everyday. I have NO energy, no confidence. My clothes I wear I hate. I hate going out cause I don't feel comfortable. I want to change my career, but I don't have the confidence atm. I just feel so drained and like crap everyday. The amount of fast food I eat is shocking!

Really need to do something. I am approaching 30. Want to start living and enjoying life. I am thinking of cutting out the crap and introducing healthy food. I like SW meals, so if it make a few of them, and get used to living without the crap hopefully it will make a difference.

The big difference this time is the main reason atm is to start feeling comfortable in my clothes again. Before, i would say 'i want to lose 4.5.6 stone' where now i want to do it in stages. I go away in 7 weeks, so that is my first goal. Feel a bit more comfortable by then.

Anyway, sorry, i'm rambling on lol. Wishing all you of the best too.
Jul 16th '16, 23:33 PM  
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Hi blueeyes, welcome to social Slimmers!

We've all at some point felt the same way you have and we all want to feel better in ourselves, so you're in the right place
Lots of people here for support.
And lots of people following SW too.

Good luck, and I look forward to following your journey!

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Jul 17th '16, 09:41 AM  
SoSlim Addict
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Hi blueeyes, welcome to the forum.
I think we can all admit to knowing when the time is right to do something about our weight. Only we can take control and we've got to want it.
The support on here is amazing. I hope it'll help you as much as it has done me. Good luck!
Jul 17th '16, 10:43 AM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Best of luck with your weight loss journey. There is so much support here
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