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Jun 2nd '16, 22:00 PM  
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Hello Everyone

Admittedly I've tried a few forums before coming across this one, but none seem to be that active. Also happy to see that lots of members are from the UK

Im currently not part of any groups but was thinking about joining a local SW group in the near future ( being a Uni student my finances often dictate what I can and can't do!)

Anyway a little about me, my names Hannah, I'm 25 and I'm from Liverpool. I've been very big since high school and after having a little health scare a few months ago decided enough was enough so Im now doing something about it!

Since starting around March I've lost about 2 stone so far, no way near my goal but a good start at least! Im currently not following any diets as I want this to be a change for life so Im just eating healthier, smaller portions and doing lots of dog walking and even started jogging in extremely small bursts

Once I get used to a forum I'm often a very active member, so I look forward to contributing as much as I can
Jun 2nd '16, 22:11 PM  
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Hi Hannah, welcome to Social Slimmers
2 stone is a fantastic start! Well done!
And well done on the jogging, small bursts or not, you're jogging and that's brilliant it doesn't matter how small the bursts are, you are doing something and you're moving towards an end goal.

There's lots of helpful threads over on the SW pages, and there's quite a few of us on SW too. Some attend groups (like me) others do it from home, either online or from previous books they've got.

Good luck on the rest of your journey and I look forward to following you x

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Jun 3rd '16, 10:27 AM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! 2 stone is a great weight loss, well done!
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