Apr 26th '16 15:30 PM
Hi everyone

Browsed for a little while but decided to get joining in today.

I am not dieting but I am maintaining a weight loss and trying to get better shape to my body. I am hoping to share my journey of clean eating (mostly) and exercise with others who also enjoy those foods and life style while gaining more tips myself.

I have my own exercise equipment in my garage and run outdoors 5-10km.
Apr 26th '16 18:55 PM
Hello! Nice to meet you. Great that you are doing such a good job maintaining and exercising
Look forward to seeing you around the forum
Apr 26th '16 19:16 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! You're doing great maintaining and also being so active!
Apr 27th '16 10:23 AM
Hello and welcome

Well done on maintaining! That's a fantastic achievement, and you're so active too! You're doing brilliant
Apr 27th '16 13:05 PM
Hi LittleMissMe!

Welcome to Social Slimmers.

Clean healthy eating and exercise for the bod is now my goal also.

Apr 28th '16 09:11 AM
Hi there. Welcome to the forum