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Apr 21st '16, 22:00 PM  
Socially Shy
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Just wanted to say hello

Hi all my names tori.
I have decided to join to find a little support from people who understand. I am almost 29 and currently weight 17st 1 lb. In the last year and a half I have managed to shift 4 stone by following sliming world. I can't say I have found it easy because if I had I would have probably lost alot more. Since xmas I seem to have hit a wall. I start the week with all the best intentions and then by mid week all that's on my mind is chips and cheese haha. My problem is not that I don't like healthy foods or that I can't cook. It's the fact that I hate cooking and find it alot easier to order a take away. My partner of 10 years is very supportive but he is training for strongman so as you can imagine he does nothing but eat and in large quantities. Come on people you can't tell me that when you have a small plate of food and the person next to you has a mountain you don't feel a small amount of jealousy. When me and my partner got together I weighed around 12.5 stone and before losing the 4 stone I was just over 21stone. The way I see it is it took me 9 years to gain over 8 stone that's some serious eating so it's not gonna all come off In a year. I just need a little support from people in my situation to help me continue on my journey. And any information or advice I can give you along the way would be awesome.
Anyhow I'm rambling now so I'm gonna end it there.
I would love to hear back from people
Apr 21st '16, 23:33 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Hi tori
Welcome Hun. It's a lot easier to put on than off. I fell off the wagon last year and have only just got back on it. AV u tried some of the fake away recipes as an healthier option to takeaways or the sw meals from Iceland
It may help a little Hun xc
Apr 22nd '16, 05:42 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Hi Tori, blimey I wouldn't find it easy if my other half was eating mountains of food either. So you have my complete sympathy.

It's also much easier if you enjoy all the cooking. I love to cook but even I get a bit fed up with all the constant fruit chopping, meal planning and cooking on SW haha.

Luckily we can eat quite big dinners on SW though, which does help. I was thinking about doing batch cooking at the weekend to make the weekday cooking easier, which might be an idea for you, then you might have something in the freezer ready for those days you can't be bothered.

Wishing you the best of luck and look forward to seeing how you get on

Have a brilliant day

Apr 22nd '16, 07:57 AM  
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Hi Tori and welcome to Social Slimmers!

It must be hard with a partner who eats big amounts of food. I sympathise!

Best of luck on your weight loss journey
Apr 22nd '16, 09:51 AM  
SoSlim Addict
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Hi Tori. Well done on your weight loss so far! I hope we can give you the inspiration and motivation to keep going
Apr 23rd '16, 20:29 PM  
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Hi Tori, welcome to Social Slimmers!

Oh I can completely sympathise with you on starting the week really well and then it going downhill by midweek! I got 1.5lbs away from my target a little over 2 years ago, and it took me 18 months to put it all, plus a little extra back on. Every since then i've been in the same situation as you - Mon - Wed are pretty good, but when Thursday hits, I take 4 steps backwards!!

I'm with Marie - it obviously helps if you enjoy cooking, so would batch cooking be more helpful for you? It really helps me, there are plenty of nights that I just don't want to stand over the stove and cook something - so grabbing a curry or chilli or cottage pie out of the freezer and zapping it is ideal!
Also, you don't need to have a small plate of food if you want a large plate - just make it all the right things - load up with your protein foods to keep you full, and your speeds to help speed up those losses.

Like thistimekel suggested, the fakeaway recipe book is a fantastic addition to my recipe book library! There's some really tasty dishes in there that don't take too long to make. and I've heard great things about the SW Iceland meals although I've not bought any myself yet - I rarely go near an Iceland store

Good luck on the rest of your journey - I look forward to following you on it!
Apr 25th '16, 14:58 PM  
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Hi Tori!

Firstly welcome to Social Slimmers and massive well done on 4.5 stone in 1.5 years, that is actually awesome!

Your partner will be eating with his goals and obviously trains a lot. Do you train/exercise?

Takeways are too easy but once you motivate yourself and change the bad habits although challenging it does become the normal, I struggle to eat big plate loads now (also lost just over 4 stone).

Batch cooking is an awesome idea if you have the freezer/fridge space.

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