Apr 8th '16 12:39 PM
Hi everyone,

I was a member here a wee while back so I will say hello again. I was on slimming world and managed about 4 stone a year and a half ago. Life went a bit wonky and I just stopped doing the right thing. I put on oooh I think about 2 stone, haven't checked that yet

I am now back on Slimming World, week 1 I have lost 5lbs and I am ready to get my substantial behind back in gear. I am English but live in Denmark with my husband and youngest daughter and I bake cookies and cupcakes for a living (but don't really like eating them so that's a plus!)

Hope everyone is well and happy!

Look forward to seeing you all around and seeing your losses/maintains/healthy lifestyles.

Apr 8th '16 14:18 PM
Hi Marie! Great to see you here again!

Well done on getting back on track and that's a great loss in your first week!

Apr 8th '16 16:54 PM
Thank you Bev! Lovely to "see" you again
Apr 12th '16 12:20 PM
Marie how great to see you again!!!

I did the same when I moved Sept/Oct 2014, I've just got to happy again. It was just under 2 stone I put on.

You can do it!