Hi everyone!

Mar 19th '16 13:17 PM
Just popping in to introduce myself. I restarted my slimming world journey last Thursday and am determined to succeed this time.

Back in 2008 I lost over 4st on LighterLife before I got married. Unfortunately I have put all that back on as of the beginning of this year and am back to my exact starting weight of 15st 2lb. LighterLife is the only diet I have ever really succeeded with but I can't do it again as its really expensive and I also find it really upsets my stomach nowadays.

So I'm back to trusty old Slimming World but this time I have to do it properly! I know Slimming World works and the reason it hasn't worked for me before where LighterLife did is because with LighterLife you basically don't eat other than shakes and cereal bars, so there's no thinking or planning involved here, whereas with Slimming World I have to be organised!

I have 52lb to lose which I am going to give myself a year to achieve at 1lb a week (with the hope it might come off faster!).

I have three goals;

1. I'm just about to start a new job for which I will wear normal office clothes but they do specify a shirt. So no more stretchy tops and dresses for me to hide behind! My arms and boobs are not friendly with shirts so I'm a bit concerned! I have about 4 weeks before the dreaded shirts come out so I want to get about 10lb off in this time which should make things a bit easier from the outset.

2. I've been pole dancing as a hobby for about 5 years. Unfortunately my weight has gone up in that time (thanks hormonal birth control and chaotic lifestyle!) and moves I could do upside down and up in the air about 3 years ago are now not happening. It's really depressing to see others shoot through the basics and get really excited about learning new things while I'm stuck near the beginning again and feeling rubbish about myself.

3. I used to love running. Again, as my weight has gone up I have run less and less which has compounded the problem. I really want to get back into doing 5 and 10k events and next year run the Bristol Half Marathon.

I also would love to see my consultant at SW and my pole teacher proud of my progress for them as teachers. At the moment I feel like that one kid in the class who no matter what you do, they are always going to be plodding along and treading water.

So here we go and here's to some success this time round!
Mar 19th '16 14:43 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Best of luck with Slimming World