Hello Everyone, tips?

Mar 6th '16 18:11 PM
Hi guys, I'm new and would just like to introduce myself and gain some peoples tips and opinions.
Anyway I'm 16 and I really want to lose weight, I currently weigh 17 stone and I feel like this is the best chance to lose weight as I'm younger, I want to join the army in the future and for obvious reasons I need to shed a few stone, now I know this wont be easy but I have done it before. I started slimming world back in October and managed to lose 1 stone upto November the weight was dropping off me, now If I had stuck with it I don't think id have been 17 stone, I've managed to put all the weight back on , So I'm thinking of re joining my local slimming world group this Tuesday and I'm going to start Boxing, How much weight do you think I could lose from now until June, with doing Boxing and slimming world?, my army application will take at least 6 to 9 months so I have got time but I also want to enjoy my summer being a little lighter.
Anyway guys, I cant wait to start this adventure and I'll appreciate all of your tips and opinions.
Mar 10th '16 20:23 PM
jade may
Hi I'm new aswell. I've joined this site to hopefully get some great support and recipes to help me along my way. I'm here if you need to talk or want to exchange recipes not that I have many yet but I'm currently looking through slimming world recipes on Internet and looking a Buddha bowls which look great. I hope your having a great week
Mar 10th '16 22:45 PM
Hi Nathan. Everybody is different so it's hard to say how much weight you may lose. But sticking to SW should result in about 2lbs a week, so you've definitely got time to lose what you need for your army application. Good luck!