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Hi, from the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee

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Aug 2nd '13, 23:26 PM  
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Hi, from the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee

Hello, everyone... recently I decided I couldn't put off losing weight any longer because I was beginning to have some health issues related to estrogen dominance... I joke with people and tell them I was starting to wear a tie-died moo-moo and go to bingo on Tuesday nights. When a man has too much estrogen it impacts him in LOTS of ways including making it VERY difficult to lose weight. So... along with doing the dieting thing - and finally getting serious about it - I'm doing some natural things including supplementation to help reduce the estrogen level in my body while raising my testosterone which will help me lose. WHEW! That was probably more than you wanted to hear. My wife and I are happily married and live on the Cumberland Plateau in middle Tennessee. We are dog NUTS and have four rescues including two white Dobermans. I'm semi-retired and my wife teaches history in high school. We want to bring her home but that will be at least a year from now.
Aug 4th '13, 14:47 PM  
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Hello and welcome! Best of luck with the weight loss
Aug 4th '13, 15:09 PM  
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Hello! I live in the States right now too. Have always wanted to visit Tennessee.

Good luck with your weight loss.
Aug 4th '13, 19:04 PM  
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Aug 5th '13, 08:53 AM  
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Hello and Welcome ! good luck in your journey
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