Re starting Slimming World Day 1 ♡

Feb 3rd '16 12:26 PM
Hi everyone,
I am rejoining slimming world this evening and figured this website might be a good tool to find simple recipes as I have physical limitations but putting that aside I am a lousy cook.

My last experience at a slimming world was a tad off putting. I ware knee braces use aids so there is an aparent difference so there was a relentless curiosity and stares.
Which I try to take with a pinch of sugar.

I am around 5'8 and have always been a size 8/10 with boobs (DD) and a curvy butt. However after starting a new job and enjoying christmas and cheese a tad too much I have jumped a dress size and gained about a stone.

I carry the weight rather well mainly on my butt and thighs and more fullness in my bust.

But I am not happy when I stand in front or a mirror.
So I might not need to lose stones and stones but the weight gain is relitive to each of us as individuals.

So open mind.
Positive thinking and eating and hopefully I get a kind reception tonight.

Miss Muffin.
Feb 3rd '16 15:08 PM
Hi Miss Muffin and welcome to Social Slimmers! Best of luck restarting Slimming World!
Feb 4th '16 07:47 AM
Best of luck
Feb 4th '16 10:49 AM
Hi there, welcome to the forum
Feb 4th '16 11:27 AM
Thank you lovelies I had a bit of a shock.
I am 10 stone 7; no wonder I don't fit in my size 8 knickers.
Feb 9th '16 13:42 PM
Welcome to Social Slimmers MissMuffin!

I hope you had a better experience of the group second time?

Everyone portions differently the way forward is just what makes you comfortable. Good luck with your goals x
Feb 10th '16 21:57 PM
Hope they are kind!
If not I like Slimming World online - no stares!