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Unexpected weight gain...help!

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Jan 22nd '16, 19:27 PM  
Socially Shy
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Unexpected weight gain...help!

Hi everyone, happy to be here!

I'm looks for any help really. Over the past 4 weeks, I've gained roughly a stone or 14 pounds. I haven't changed anything significantly in my diet, and I'm working out the same. I did expect a little weight gain over Christmas, but it's just gradually going up :-(

I've started taking very high levels of probiotics, as well as Sea Kelp. I'm also thinking of taking high levels of vitamin D3, since I'm in the cold north of England.

Anyone else here experienced weight gain during the winter period? Any tip to quickly lose it?
Jan 25th '16, 17:01 PM  
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Hi Elizad welcome to Social Slimmers

Why not try to make a food diary and write down everything you eat each day to see if you can spot any patterns of food that you are eating that you may not notice? I know you said you haven't changed anything significant in your diet, but small changes can make a difference that you don't realise.
I would say that rather than losing the weight quickly, you might be better to lose the weight slowly (1-2lb a week) as it would be easier to keep the weight off in the long term.
If you dropped the weight really quickly and suddenly, I would imagine it would be more likely that you would put it back on quickly too.

I always put on weight over Christmas, but I've put on less this year than I have in previous years due to smarter eating (more fruit & veg rather than the cakes & biscuits lol)
Jan 25th '16, 23:50 PM  
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Hi, I can't add anything to Sarah's brilliant answer, so just wanted to say welcome to the forum.
Feb 1st '16, 15:15 PM  
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Hi Elizad82,

Welcome to Social Slimmers!

A food diary is an excellent idea. You say nothing has changed, can I asked what eating plan/method you are using? I see you work out ... what do you do and are you eating enough with the level of activity you are doing?

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