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I'm Chris - Hello

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Dec 12th '15, 22:30 PM  
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I'm Chris - Hello

Hi I'm (as title says)

I'm happy to help anyone who's been through/is going through what i have gone through. Be they men or women, and i assure you i won't judge anyone when it comes to health and weight, or anything.

I'm 28 years old, English and very stubborn

6' 4" or around 194cm ish tall~, though this varies depending on how much of myself i can stretch out

15th Febuary 2015 i weighed 414lb, or 29st 8lb

Right now i am ~around~ 294lb, or 21st - i have lost weight and gained muscle, enough to be able to do a hand-stand, do 80 full push ups and i can hike five hours before tiring(this is how i measure myself, i'm sure you have ways of measuring too).

I'm still carrying weight.

But this isn't a bad thing, simply a thing which I have to accept on a day to day basis.

My diet is natural, I created it myself and don't believe in shame, punishment or any kind of hollowing out or starvation attempts to lose weight.

My diet(bad word) is based upon building my own body and mind into what i want it to be.

Growing outwards like a Tree, rather than cutting away at a piece of stone, because people aren't statues. We're living beings who are shaped and grown, not cut up and displayed.

This is an important point, growing.

My plan is to help people who are going through the same troubles and experiences so that they can become better people, who are happy with themselves.

Dec 13th '15, 20:16 PM  
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Hi Chris and welcome to Social Slimmers! Sounds like you have a very sensible approach to weight loss. Best of luck!
Dec 16th '15, 12:32 PM  
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Hello Chris. Welcome and good luck, sounds like you are doing amazing! You have to do what suits you.

Belle xx
Jan 5th '16, 11:39 AM  
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Hi Chris!

You can do it ... how has the holiday period gone? Always the toughest!
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