Hi {waves}

Nov 9th '15 17:56 PM
Hello! I'm new here after finally deciding to do something properly about this sneaky stone I've put on. I'm giving Slimming World a go (from home) as I can't deal with anything that restricts me or makes me feel like I'm not eating 'real food'.

With only having a stone or so to lose I'm hoping SW will still work for me. I am 5lbs down though so it's the most progress I've seen in 2 years!! Just need to stay disciplined and keep it up. I have a wedding dress to fit into on the 26th March 2016
Nov 9th '15 19:04 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Best of luck with Slimming World, it sounds like you've had a great start already!
Nov 9th '15 20:45 PM
Welcome Jenj, nice to meet you and best of luck
Nov 10th '15 11:52 AM
Aw thank you! I couldn't believe the drop on the scales, I feel like I'm eating so much
Nov 10th '15 19:11 PM
Hi and welcome!
Well done on your losses so far - with so little to lose that is amazing!
Nov 11th '15 15:14 PM
HI jenj,

Welcome to Social Slimmers.

Looks like you're on to a fab start, nice one

Good luck. x
Nov 12th '15 02:17 AM
Let's do this!! Welcome! 😄