Hello waves - Slimming World Newbie here

Oct 19th '15 14:58 PM
Hello Lovelies,

I'm a total Slimming World newbie - which is strange considering I've spent my entire adult life on a diet. I'm now 28 and should have nailed it by now but I'm an emotional eater and have a very destructive relationship with food.

I have just over 11 stone to lose - hopefully by early 2017 as I'm getting married in May 2018! I am terrified of failing as I desperately don't want to be a fat bride..... I also have numerous other personal reasons for wanting to lose weight which I think I'll probably go into on my own diary.

I'm a total carb fiend and binge emotional eater - but I'm slowly learning I don't have to eat 5 bars of chocolate in 1 night as guess what....the shop will still sell Chocolate tomorrow!

Anyways - hopefully I'll get to know you all over the next few months! Be gentle with me

L xxx
Oct 19th '15 16:05 PM
Hello, I've not been here very long, I joined slimming world in August. I don't have much to lose but the weight was creeping up again. I used to binge eat quite a bit, and always eat the wrong things and think it wouldn't hurt, but in time it does - so I had to do something about it (I lost nearly 3 stone five years ago with weight watchers). I find slimming world really works, but what works for me is going to group and paying to be weighed - this is the only thing that keeps me on plan. I've now been practically junk food free since I started and am now very much out of the eating crap habit. I haven't stopped drinking (I love white wine) but have cut down a lot.

Good luck,

Caroline x
Oct 19th '15 17:24 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! A wedding is a great event to have a goal for! Best of luck with Slimming World
Nov 11th '15 14:40 PM
Hi chunkydunky!! Welcome to Social Slimmers. Slimming world is an amazing start if not start and finish for anyone to be on. I know a lovely lady who lost 10stone (it may have been more) on SW. Such an inspiration and no better reason than your wedding.

You can do it! Moderation is the key ... your willpower gets better and better.

Good luck x