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Overcoming depression and obesity

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Sep 25th '15, 23:42 PM  
Socially Shy
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Overcoming depression and obesity

Hello all

I'm an I arrived woman at 26, no children and have been obese majority of my life. I developed binge eating as a poor coping mechanisms for my depression. This in turn made me gain weight during my teens which escalated the bullying at,which in turn further aggravated the depression. My depression has destroyed my life. My obesity is the one thing I can control and get ahold of before it is too late. I'm tired of being like this, no more excuses, I need to change or I will eventually destroy myself.
Come here for support and to seek others who are on a similiar path.
Sep 26th '15, 08:44 AM  
SoSlim Addict
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Welcome to the forum!
You'll get plenty of support from us here. I'm an emotional eater, but these days I tend to choose fruit over chocolate. Who'd have thought it! I follow Slimming World and can highly recommend it. Have a look at our food diaries if you need convincing. I find that having control over my eating is really empowering, and there's no better feeling than seeing those pounds drop off. So I hope we can help. Feel free to ask any questions
Sep 26th '15, 11:45 AM  
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Hi and welcome to SS.
I hope you enjoy it here and find it supportive.

I suffered depression in my teens and am an emotional eater who has struggled throughout my life. I was diagnosed with bipolar last year after 3 years of mood instability. I'm on medication - that is related to weight gain - and joined slimming world at the end of June after seeing a photo of myself and realising just how big I'd gotten again.

It was my only hope - and to be honest it's really been supportive along with this board I don't know where I'd have been without the support to lose weight.

I hope you find a plan that works for you and see progress soon.. Small steps - don't forget to measure yourself too.
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