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Greetings from MrNiceGuy

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Sep 23rd '15, 02:41 AM  
Socially Shy
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Greetings from MrNiceGuy

Hello all and warm greetings from a new member, located in a small, leafy suburb to the north of the UK.

Weight management...a term the vast majority of us all appear to be locked in an endless, life-long battle against, whether it be attempting to drop a few pounds ahead of a holiday/vacation or embarking upon a life-changing body transformation.

Regardless of our respective goals and current stages of achievement, all we simply long for is to possess a body that looks great when we glance upon it in the mirror, one that fills us with confidence and lifts our esteem, since the ‘mirror upon the wall invariably shows all’.

Again, regardless of our respective goals, I’m sure that we’ve all repeatedly asked ourselves the question as to why those goals appear to be beyond our reach.

As for me (without attempting to appear pretentious), I’ve never carried an excessive amount of weight, attributed to the fact that I’ve exercised regularly throughout my life. However, I’m no different from anyone else in the sense that I still strive to achieve and maintain a physique that I remain satisfied with.

In addition to exercising regularly, the greatest gain I’ve achieved in the battle against the bulge (especially in recent years) is to further my education into the science of human anatomy and physiology. Consequently, my study and research has allowed me to attain a greater understanding of how the human body functions when exposed to certain food sources, something that has proven particularly useful in the kitchen.

Through education, I’m certainly more mindful of the produce that appears upon the dining room table, since effective weight management begins in the kitchen.

Although I may possess a scientific knowledge of the human body, my education is by no means complete, as I continue upon the learning curve of effective weight management.
Oct 5th '15, 13:18 PM  
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Hey MrNiceGuy!

Welcome to Social Slimmers.
Oct 5th '15, 17:43 PM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers!
Oct 5th '15, 18:57 PM  
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Hi and welcome
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