Hi in need of help please.

Sep 16th '15 01:23 AM
Hi my names steph im married with 3 children and ive just started slimming world. ive lost a little on my own but needed to try something else as ive got stuck in a rut with it all. my heaviest weight was 21st 8lbs im currently 20st 9lbs. thats the first time ive honestly told anyone my weight as im very ashamed of myself. When i left school 11 years ago i was just 10st, i cant believe ive let myself get to this weight. i am here looking for advise on recipies and anyone that also follows slimming world please, i joined the local class last night so today is my first day. thanks in advance and im looking forward to chatting to people who are on their weight loss journeys.
Sep 16th '15 07:19 AM
Welcome Steph

You will find lots of friendly folk on here, many doing SW. Don't worry about sharing your weight, we are all in the same boat and heading for the same goal.
I am just coming up to the end of week 4 on slimming world and lost 9lbs in my first 3 weeks.

Take a read of some of the journals to get some inspiration, they are great to pick you up after a bad week and lots of members will face the same challenges as you, it's nice to read that your not the only one struggling, it sort of gets your head back to reality.
My top piece of advice so far is POP. ...Plan, Organise, Prepare...if you don't do that every day you will struggle not to fail.
I sit down on a Friday evening with notebook and recipes and plan the following weeks meals, write the shopping list, put the menu on the kitchen whiteboard. Each day before I go to work I put all the ingredients for the nights meal out on the side or in a special place in the fridge, so when I get in its all waiting to cook.

Good luck and I am looking forward to following your journey.
Sep 16th '15 08:18 AM
Hi Steph and welcome to Social Slimmers!

Best of luck on Slimming World, it's such a good plan

Sep 16th '15 09:29 AM
Hi Steph, welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of friendly help and support on here. Best of luck with the weight loss
Sep 16th '15 10:00 AM
Hi Stephie2007,

Firstly welcome to Social Slimmers.

What has you stuck in a rut on Slimming World? You will find a lot of the recipes slimming world friendly even if not under the SW category. Main things to look out for to be syned is processed ingredients, bread and diary.

Sep 17th '15 01:51 AM
Hi everyone thank you all for your friendly replies, im thankfull for all the advise i think meal planning is going to be something that helps me a lot, im going food shopping tomorrow so ive wrote a list of things to buy that i normally wouldnt. i just feel i was stuck in a rut doing it myself thats why i joined slimming world. I like the idea of writing it all down that will be a big help for me.