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Trying to put the theory into practice... again!

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Aug 11th '15, 17:50 PM  
Socially Shy
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trying to put the theory into practice... again!

having been a failed dieter most of my life, I lost 3st on the plan, then put 1st back on, and that was whilst still attending classes!
I relied heavily on exercise but am recovering from a foot operation so I am reduced to swimming and resistance exercises at the moment.
my first weeks loss was 1lb, but admittedly I only started my new eating regime the day before my first weigh in.
I confessed in class to my failings. if I didn't go to class then I would have stopped going until a another day, knowing that " another day " is so easy to put off.
the second week I lost 4lb. that consisted of 3 sensible eating days, 2 so so days and 2 atrocious days. atrocious even for me, and I have no objection to being compared to a pig, but only in the food consumption reference I might add.
so far this week I have had 2 good days and 3 so so days.
get weighed on Thursday so will try to make tomorrow a good day and hopefully show a small loss.
previously I was watching the scales daily but I found this to be self defeating, as if I was showing a good loss I would end up feasting the night before weigh and would invariably wipe out my well earned losses.
this time around I am trying to give my own scales a miss, though I have had a sly weigh in at home for the previous two weeks.
not weighing in at home gives me the fear factor. not knowing but hoping for a loss, so I do not tend to gorge so readily.
I call my experience of weighing in day as " stepping on the scales of shame "
though I must admit it is a pleasurable experience seeing the weight diminish.
a lot of temptations are put my way at the moment, what with days out with my grandchildren, being able to say no to syns is a gift that I have not yet endowed myself with.
good luck to everyone who is struggling, and well done to those that aren't.
it all boils down to willpower. you will definitely lose weight without feeling hungry if you stay on plan, though I do question the eat as much as you like of certain foods advice.
I think that this was aimed at people with normal appetites, unlike myself.
I find that if I eat processed foods of any description that is me munching for the rest of the day.
Aug 12th '15, 22:38 PM  
SoSlim Addict
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Hi Ian, which plan do you follow? I'm on Slimming World. I was a daily weigher until recently - we have a thread for this in Mini Goals and Victories so feel free to join us! Have a look at our food journals, I find them really helpful. Welcome and good luck
Aug 17th '15, 22:32 PM  
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Hi, welcome to Social Slimmers.

I hope you find this forum as helpful and friendly as I have.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.
Aug 18th '15, 07:36 AM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers!
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