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Hi :3

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Aug 5th '15, 17:16 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Aug 2015
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Hi :3

Hi everyone,
My name is Mel and I'm wanting to join slimming world as soon as I start at my new job! (No money at the moment :S )

I've done WW and lighter life/Atkins/low carb diet
And for one reason or another they haven't worked out!

I'm currently heavier than I've ever been (eeek) and I'm desperate to get where I want to be and I hoped I could make some diet buddies here and get some support from people in similar situations!

Its very sad the way I became so big BUT my circumstances have changed drastically and I'm better than ever (weight aside...)

Nice to meet you all
Aug 5th '15, 17:45 PM  
SoSlim Star
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Hi and welcome

You can pick up the books for SW on eBay cheap enough will give you the basics on how it all works and what we're talking about when you read our journals talking about syns etc.

It's honestly the best move I've made, I've only been doing it 5 weeks, but have lost a stone and it feels amazing to have support and to feel in control of my eating again. nothing is out of bounds, you just need to work out the syns and whether it's worth using them.

I hope you enjoy the site, it's really friendly and supportive. I'm sure you can make positive changes even if not joining group or online.

Look forward to seeing you around.
Aug 5th '15, 18:29 PM  
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Hi Mel and welcome to Social Slimmers!

Best of luck with Slimming World and your new job
Aug 5th '15, 19:30 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jul 2015
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Hey Mel, welcome!

I was just wondering what made you pick slimming world to try?

Have you ever considered Juice Plus?

Aug 5th '15, 19:49 PM  
SoSlim Addict
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Hiya Mel, welcome to the forum, you'll make lots of friends here
Aug 5th '15, 20:01 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Aug 2015
Location: Sheffield
Posts: 3

My mum sister and Auntie have all done slimming world before and a friend has done really well on slimming world. I think I like the aspect of not starving yourself or depriving myself of things I enjoy.
I could do the lighter life shakes and bars but I hated not being able to eat with my boyfriend and go out
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