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Jul 23rd '15, 12:49 PM  
Socially Shy
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Slimming world newbie and recently engaged

Hi everyone ☺I'm totally new to all of this but I've recently got engaged to the love of my life and we're planning on getting married April 2017. We both could afford to shed some pounds but I can't afford a weekly class at the moment so having read about the support people get from these forums I decided to give it a go. I have lost 6 stone over the last 8 or so yrs but have hit a wall recently. I'm feeling really frustrated because I know it can be done but I just can't seem to get back in the mind frame again. My fiance suffers from crohns and I have ibs and we are both very emotional eaters and eat from boredom and for comfort. I also suffer from anxiety and depression and am on a 20mg dose of prozac daily but I haven't been taking that as regular as I should. I'm currently getting back on track though. I'm really struggling to eat well and exercise and want to start now so that I can enjoy all the lead up to my wedding without battling with my weight and looking back having regrets. I read a quote recently that said "this time next year you'll wish you started today" and it really hit home, time is on my side now and I really want to take advantage of that. I joined slimming world before and have all the books and have heard so many real life stories about slimming world success that I'm going to try and follow it now so if anyone has any tips that would be brilliant. I want to be proud of myself on my wedding day and have had my choice of dresses not just have had to buy what fits or comes in my size. I'm currently 5ft 7" and 244lb and my first goal is to loose 10% of my weight which I've rounded up to an even 28lb. I can do this! And hopefully through this forum can help support and be supported along the way. ☺
Jul 23rd '15, 15:29 PM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Congratulations on your engagement and best of luck with your weight loss journey!
Jul 23rd '15, 22:41 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Hi Skinnymetobe, welcome to SocialSlimmers. Everyone here is really friendly, supportive and are happy to help, so don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you want.

Firstly well done on losing 6 stone, that's fantastic!

Something that I've found helpful is reading through the different Diet Journals as I get great ideas for meals and to see how others are staying on plan. You could also start your own diet journal on here. Many people find it very helpful, it's a great way to get helpful feedback and advice from others about what you've been eating.

Good luck on your continuing weight loss journey.
Jul 24th '15, 07:13 AM  
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Hi Skinnymetobe, good luck with your future weightloss and very well done on the 6 stone already!
I'm very much an emotional eater, and used to eat for comfort and through boredom. It's a long process of swapping your food choices and changing those bad habits that all eventually become second nature. I've been doing SW for about 6 months and already I'm seeing food for health now, not reward.
With a wedding coming up you've definitely got that motivation! Keep a picture of your favourite dress in your head every time you take a bite!
As thistle said, the food journals are really useful so take a look and think about keeping one yourself.

Ali x
Jul 24th '15, 13:48 PM  
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Hi and welcome

A journal is a great place to start, we have a summer challenge running to from now till start of September you'd be very welcome and we all pop into each others journals to offer support etc so I'm sure you'll find the board supportive and informative. Any questions just post a question and we'll try our best. A lot of members do SW from home, though I'm in a group, I started at your weight and have lost 11lb in 3 weeks so it really is easy and works.
Jul 25th '15, 00:57 AM  
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Welcome! Congratulations on the engagement!

That is a terrific weight loss so far!

As already said everyone on here is really friendly and I am sure you will find lots of support. I am doing SW from home too
Jul 25th '15, 20:55 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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hello and welcome. I'm doing SW at home and on my own too. So anytime you want a virtual group give me a shout .
Congratulations on your engagement. And good for you deciding to start now so you can enjoy planning your wedding. Do you have any ideas as to what you want your dress to be like? I have a sneaky pic or towoon my phone of my ideal slinky dress (so OH can't see it) but it's a great motivator.
If I can offer any advice it would be meal plan and include treats and syn free snacks so, if like me when you're bored you have something you can eat but don't have to worry about.
Jul 27th '15, 15:59 PM  
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HI skinnymetobe,

Welcome to Social Slimmers and congratulations on your engagement

Awesome weight loss so far. Now you have something to focus on (your wedding) that should give you a good push forward, you can do this #repeat

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