Hello all

Jul 16th '15 07:21 AM
Hello everyone, I have been looking for a place to settle in for a long journey to losing 5,6,7 stones who knows maybe more. I toddled off to my old Minimins acct only to find the site was closed! Well, I wasn't there long anyway but what a shame for those that were.

On the upside I found Social Slimmers, yeay!!
Anyway, I am 48, married with no kids. I have been trying to lose weight since forever and just getting nowhere. In May I decided to not diet but cut out sugar. I read a few books, watched some YouTube stuff and thought his is for me! Anyway, May 12th I started at 20st 11lbs. Now I am at 19st 4.25lbs. I can't say it's been hard, it's the easiest 21lbs I have ever lost! However, it's lonely doing it alone so here I am! Hope to make some friends and share some ideas. I am not convinced going sugar free is the answer for everyone but, for me it's almost been the miracle cure! So far anyway!!
Jul 16th '15 07:44 AM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers!
It sounds like you're doing great with giving up the sugar and well done on your weight loss!

Jul 16th '15 08:47 AM
Hi elcro! That's how I found social slimmers too well done on the weightloss, looks like you're doing really well
Jul 16th '15 09:41 AM
Hi elcro67 and welcome to the group. Cutting out sugar would be torture for me, so well done! :-)
Jul 16th '15 12:29 PM
Hello Elcro and welcome!

You've done brilliant so far, and it obviously works for you so keep it up!
Good luck with your weight loss
Jul 16th '15 13:12 PM
Hello and thanks for the warm welcome. I am hugely happy with the side effects of kicking the sugar habit. I can't call it a diet but I hope I can hang out here anyway as losing weight is the goal!

I am just on my lunch break and thought I'd have a wander through the various threads and get familiar with the site. A bit fiddly on a phone though so will have a more leisurely perusal when I get home tonight.

Jul 16th '15 15:47 PM
Hi Elcro. Great loss and wow at giving up sugar. I think if I tried that I'd turn into a monster Need my sugar fixes.
Jul 16th '15 19:40 PM
Thanks JacquiE -The big pay off to giving up sugar (apart from the easy weight loss) is getting to eat proper food! No low fat stuff - I have real butter, real mayonnaise, crisps, proper cheese and chicken with the skin on! I am one of the lucky ones and have had NO sugar withdrawal symptoms. I was expecting them but nearly 2 months on nothing! No cravings, no headaches nothing so maybe I was never addicted but it just had me gripped enough to turn me to blubber!

I think different things suit different people. Doing this feels so natural I wish it was something I had known about years ago. I have even given up diet cola and I have lived on that stuff for most of my life! I just drink plain water or black coffee now.

Anyway - I don't want to bore everyone on my 1st day! I am sure ANYONE can give up sugar but they might not have the same results. If you want to find out more then the book that helped me most was the Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie and lectures on YouTube by Robert Lustig. Please don't think I am pushing this though! It works for me and I am comfortable with food for the 1st time in my life but it might not be the answer for everyone!

Right - I am off to see what else is going on. Does anyone know if anyone else on here has done the sugar free thing? I would love to share experiences and tips with others on here. Thanks again.
Jul 16th '15 23:33 PM
It sounds interesting but I have too much of a sweet tooth to consider it (unless I can still have my puddings lol)
I do like the idea of being able to eat real food though. I'm not overly fond of processed stuff or sweeteners.
As for the diet coke it's amazing how your tastes can change as you start to eat better. My BIL was a junk food addict and since he made a conscious effort to eat healthily he now only drinks water and coffee (but his is made with hot milk )
Hopefully you'll find some other people on here doing sugar free for the support although you seem to have it sorted.
Keep posting though I'm really interested to see how you get on.
Jul 17th '15 21:58 PM
Hi elcro67, welcome to the forum.

Well done on your weight loss so far. It just shows you what sugar does to us.