Hi all

Jul 11th '15 18:29 PM
I'm a yo-yo dieter, who has reached a peak after being diagnosed bipolar and starting / changing medication for the last 3 years which causes weight gain and I gained 5 stone.

The breaking point was a photo of me sat at a child party, yes I knew I was wearing a 22 blouse, but it shocked me just how big I was again.

So I signed up for Slimming world and lost 5.5lb in the first week - bought a 6 week countdown so hoping to keep myself motivated, and use the support of the group.

looking for support and to share the highs / lows of weight loss. Thanks for reading if you got this far.
Jul 12th '15 01:10 AM
Hi PurpleJ!

I've just joined here too, but it seems a really friendly forum with lots of support.
Jul 12th '15 07:53 AM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck with Slimming world
Jul 12th '15 09:07 AM
Jul 12th '15 23:12 PM
Thanks all for the warm welcome, it's been lovely finding my way around and am looking forward to celebrating losses with you all - mine and yours!
Jul 13th '15 11:33 AM
Hi PurpleJ Welcome!

I can understand where you are coming from with regards to the photo. Sometimes we know we have put on weight, and yes we see ourselves in the mirror, but it's like the change in ourselves doesn't hit home until we see a photo. It's odd isn't it!

Good luck on your journey!
Jul 13th '15 14:16 PM
Sure is! I knew my clothes had gone up in sizes, and knew I was bigger, but that picture just hurt so much. I've saved it and will use it as a before. To think I liked the blouse I was wearing too! lol
Jul 13th '15 15:14 PM
Hi PurpleJ

I had a similar moment of realisation too. Good luck with slimming world.

Welcome to the forum
Jul 13th '15 15:44 PM
Thanks Mitch
Jul 14th '15 11:02 AM
Welcome well done on your first loss! I hope you find all the support you need here x