Feb 5th '15 18:34 PM
Hi everybody! I am new here I am mother of a baby and need to lose the weight I gained when was pregnunt Hope to find here new friends and of corse a bit of support and help

Can't wait to talk to all of you guys
Feb 5th '15 21:07 PM
Hello there and welcome to the forum! Will be glad to give support and help, come any time;-) Wish you best of luck!
Feb 5th '15 21:50 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Best of luck!
Feb 7th '15 07:18 AM
Hi and welcome! Best of luck with your losses and look forward to seeing you around the forum
Feb 7th '15 17:16 PM
I am so grateful for warm words girls! Thanks a lot! I am really happy to be here. For now I am just reading all the things around and choosing what way to go But getting your support from the very biginning is increadibly important for me! Wish all of you girls a wonderful day!!
Feb 7th '15 19:18 PM
Hello Mamamia! Nice to meet you. I am newbie here too Wish you good luck and achieve all of your goals!
Feb 9th '15 13:21 PM
Hi Mamamia1,

Welcome to Social Slimmers. Hope you have found some of the posts helpful and we see you around the forum.

Feb 9th '15 15:34 PM
Welcome to social slimmers x
Feb 9th '15 19:25 PM
Thank you very much guys!
Yes Wobbles, I think I have found many interesting tand helpful posts!
Feb 23rd '15 15:02 PM
Hello Mamamia1!

Are you following a plan or alone? Good luck!

Belle xx