Feb 1st '15 00:47 AM
Hi everyone, I am after some help.

I have put on 6 stone and as you can imagine I am not happy at all.

I used to lead an unhealthy lifestyle but I was skinny and I was happy.

I used to drink daily, smoke and take drugs. I have been clean of all for 2 years (apart from the odd drink now and again).

I have gotten myself a job, a home, kicked the habits and i am doing well for myself, however I am the most unhappiest I have ever been and that is due to my weight.

Each night I just think if I go back to that lifestyle I can be slim again.

I've done well to beat addiction but I feel like I'm being punished.

I have tried everything and it keeps gaining. I'm not losing anything my weight keeps increasing. I diet, exercise and nothing. I have been to the doctors too and they didn't help at all.

I just need something!!
Please help
Feb 1st '15 07:20 AM
Hi and welcome to the forum!

You have done so well to kick the habits, a big well done! I'm so sorry that you are so unhappy with your weight though
Have you tried Slimming World? I have heard lots of people have had success with that.
Walking is also a really good way to burn calories and it's quite gentle. I started off with short walks and then built it up from there.

Best of luck!

Feb 2nd '15 09:28 AM
Hi and welcome.

While I can't imagine what you have gone through beating your addictions, I can totally understand how you feel about your weight, as can many people on here. You have done an amazingly brave thing changing your life for the better by getting clean again.

On the weight issue. It's so hard to get started isn't it, and I had been about 7 stone overweight for at least 10 years and just felt terrible about it. The thing that hit me eventually was finding the right diet, that worked and I could stick with. I have had a break from it recently but I am sure now I am back on it I can manage again and reach my target.

Try a few different plans perhaps? Give them a go and see what works for you. As Bev says Slimming World is great, you can eat plenty on it and it really does work.

I wish you all the very best and hope that you can find a solution, believe me as soon as you start dropping a few pounds and seeing your success with a plan that works for you, your self confidence will start to increase really quickly, it doesn't take the whole 6 stone to start feeling better about yourself.
Feb 2nd '15 13:39 PM

Wow you've done well kicking the big 3. Same as you whatever I do I just can't get my weight down. Was it weed you used to take? I don't admit it very often but I used to have a smoke and noticed that my metabolism slowed right down. Didn't help with the munchies but even when I stopped I still had a problem losing weight.

Did the doctors not even do any tests?
Feb 2nd '15 18:04 PM
Wow well done on all that you have kicked and welcome to the forum!

What diet plans have you tried? What exercise did you do, how regularly and how long for in total? My first thought would have been the doctor, did they run no tests?

Feb 3rd '15 21:51 PM
Hello and welcome to the forum! you are very strong person to kick all that bad habbits! But before we all can give you any kinds of advices you need to tell us what you do exactly! What kind of diet and sport you do/did? What doctors said?