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Jan 29th '15, 00:11 AM  
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Hello, just joined

My name is Schanelle. I'm 5'9" and weigh about 118lbs. My measurements are 32-24-32. I always been slim, even when I was pregnant. I'm almost 29 and have some heart issues. I can't eat too much or heavy foods. I get palpitations/tachycardia/severe chest pains that radiate into my left shoulder/shoulder blade/jaw. On medication for it but if I don't stick to a very strict diet, I have a lot of issues. I lose weight very fast, especially now that I can't eat anything I want anymore. I cut out all caffiene and alcohol too since both triggered my heart to weird out. I'd like to put on some weight so my bones aren't popping out but not sure how to without being in pain and having palpitations.
Jan 29th '15, 13:54 PM  
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Hi Shanelle. I feel scared recommending anything where health problems are involved but from the sounds of it good quality proteins and fats are going to be whats needed. Probably an enzyme such as acidophillus to help reduce the digestive strain on your body after each meal or as directed. Please check with medical person.
I personally would start with small amounts of meat based broths at regular intervals depending on when you think your body can tolerate it. I would do something like roast a small joint of lamb/beef and a few veg e.g. roast potatos, carrots, peas etc. Blend it all with gravy made from the roasting tray and possibly a bit of stock. Portion into cup size meals maybe with little dumplings or fresh bread. Eat regular. Say every 2 hours. Remember keep as much of the fats and meat juices as you can. Think cultured predator or athlete in training Again chat with doc if worried about increase in protein. Many bodybuilders go for things like steak breafasts. Nuts are also good protein / fats source. The jar of peanut butter and spoon snacking technique may help.
There is a also a product a lot of alternative medicine people swear by called Hydrolysed white fish protein. Its basically digested proteins, dont ask , that are very usable by your body combined with fish oils. Helps rebuild bodies. Might help but check with doc if any doubts.
If you can manage any light weights this will help sculpt and develop muscles and promote a small increase in testosterone. The natural fats help strengthen adrenals. Especially with high meat protein diet. I would imagine in short time you will progress to normally meat meals, large meat joints. In no time be out stalking livestock
As a last thing there is a great medical board I found ages back. It is where people with undiagnosed or ongoing stomach issues post. I wish I could remember the name. There was a series of posts where an American doctor had cured patients where there stomach/heart issues turned out to be an aggravated vagus nerve?. I think. He found using simple antidepressants stopped the nerve getting over stimulated. Might help, it is one the few things that link the stomach/chest areas biologically.
Hope some of this helps. Welcome to the board.
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