Another new person

Nov 11th '14 12:01 PM
HI I am Mads, joined slimming world last Thursday. It is a whole new world and I am struggling to make sense of it all. However, I do believe it is just a matter of getting my head around all the food, and the combinations. I have 5.5 stone to loose, the last three have been put on this year due to steroids. I hope to be off them soon so that might help with the weight loss.
Nov 11th '14 12:04 PM
Hi Mads

Copied your intro into this thread so we can say Hi properly

Welcome to the forum. Look forward to see you on here
Nov 11th '14 13:17 PM
Hi Mads and welcome to the forum!
Nov 13th '14 12:39 PM
Hi Mads,

My head was done in when I first joined SW when I eventually got the idea of it I felt silly but everyone is the same. Ask away with any questions they won't be anything nobody else hasn't asked I bet.

Welcome to Social Slimmers
Nov 13th '14 17:59 PM
Hello mads! Is today your first weighing in at slimmers world? Good luck to you!

Belle xx