New to site

Oct 7th '14 21:29 PM
Hi all I'm currently following slimming world diet which I started 5 weeks ago. I have currently lost 6.5lb and have a further 2 stone to lose. The last 3 weeks have been very hard as we're currently having a extension and due to the amount of dust I've been unable to cook. I've never followed slimming world I've always done ww previously but excited about trying some of the recipes now I can access my kitchen. Any points in the right direction will be much appreciated xx
Oct 8th '14 07:29 AM
Hi Kel

Welcome to the group and I hope you really enjoy Slimming World - there are a few of us following it on here so hopefully we can all help you if you have any questions. Congratulations on your losses so far, that's brilliant

Understandable when your house is in uproar that you are finding it hard to cook etc. Hope you are all settled soon and can enjoy some of the meals.

All the best and feel free to shout me if I can help at all.

Marie xx
Oct 24th '14 07:47 AM
Hello Kel

Welcome to the forum and nice going so far I feel your no kitchen pain although for me I had no real kitchen and all my cooking things for 5-6, it's hell

How you getting on now?