SW v WW?

Sep 15th '14 18:46 PM
Hi all,

I have to start slimming again, I need to get back on the "straight and narrow". I promised myself I would go it alone, just me and the scales! : - but you don't do you??
I need support and the weekly commitment of a class.
Do I go to SW or WW?? Would love to hear others views who have been to both.
Sep 24th '14 21:08 PM
I loved SW although I didn't stay on it it put me in the right direction I've not done WW though so can't comment on which I think best from them both!

Welcome to SocialSlimmers
Nov 13th '14 18:03 PM
I wasn't aware weight watcher do a group? What did you pick?

Belle xx
Nov 13th '14 19:27 PM
Hi and welcome to the forum! I havent done either, but most of my friends prefer Slimming World