May 27th '14 16:51 PM
Hi everyone
New here still finding my way around, started on forever clean 9 have lost 8 kg 5 to go.
May 27th '14 20:47 PM
Hi Eric and welcome! Well done on your weight loss
May 28th '14 05:32 AM
Hi Eric
May 28th '14 10:41 AM
Welcome Eric
May 28th '14 11:43 AM

Congrats on already getting over half way
Not heard of Forever Clean 9. How does it work?
May 28th '14 20:15 PM
I have been on forever clean 9 it's a bit like a detox system for 9 days pricy but kick start your diet brilliantly, then went on the forever lean this is for a month now halfway through and it works changes your whole outlook on food when the weight drops of like that.
May 28th '14 20:32 PM
Is this food supplements?

Welcome to the forum Eric, nice weight loss
May 28th '14 21:23 PM
The detox part is all about aloe detox, you can google (Forever living clean 9)
Never been able to shift the weight before then a friend recommended this I was very sceptical due to the price but gave it a go apparently all natural healthy stuff and now I can say never felt so good fiscally and about myself