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Jan 4th '14 17:01 PM
Mary doll
Hi guys I'm new to the forum but unfortunately not new to the dieting! I'm hoping I can get my motivation from you all, I'm doing slimming world and would love a low syn recipe for a nice dessert. Any ideas on the best way to keep track of your syns apart from the obvious of pen and paper
Jan 4th '14 17:06 PM
Hi Mary,

great to see you here

We have a desert forum here:
Syn'er posts slimming world recipes quite often.

Nice victoria sponge/cupcake recipe posted here yesterday:

Look forward to seeing you on the forum
Jan 4th '14 17:18 PM

I'm thinking about doing Slimming World too. How are you finding it?
Jan 4th '14 17:43 PM
Hi Mary doll!

It's nice to see you. Welcome to the group! I have found lots of great recipes and dieting tips here that I would never have thought of trying!

Happy New Year to you and good luck!
Jan 5th '14 10:44 AM
Hiya welcome to the forum!
Jan 5th '14 11:26 AM
Welcome to the forum
Jan 6th '14 00:33 AM
Welcome to the forum Mary

I just used my notepad on the phone or a memo magnet thing on the fridge when I had one.
Jan 6th '14 14:54 PM
Hello and welcome!
Jan 7th '14 18:52 PM
Hello Mary. I love yogurt and fresh fruit right now. Welcome and good luck
Jan 8th '14 22:27 PM
Hi and welcome Mary. I love the turkish delight muller yogurts!