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Finally a diagnosis for my shoulder!

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Nov 27th '17, 15:49 PM  
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Finally a diagnosis for my shoulder!

.... chronic rotator cuff tendinosis.

Due to the treatment I've already done privately and rest periods I've had already I've been referred to the what he called the second stage of treatment where I will need an x-ray and or MRI to determine how bad the tear is. My bets on severely!

This will likely lead to surgery but at least I'm a step closer now and I don't feel so pathetic in the sessions with how sore the 'unknown' is.

My previous doctor was SHIT so I'm glad I've swapped.

I am continuing to train by either lowering my weights or doing alternative exercises.

Now the weight!
Nov 27th '17, 19:55 PM  
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I'm so glad you've finally got a diagnoses, that must be a relief after so long of waiting. Sorry that it may result in needing to have surgery though. I hope that the second stage of treatment goes well
Nov 28th '17, 15:05 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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A friend of mine had a should condition that involved a shoulder tear. I have no way of knowing if it's the same thing as your s but it might have been similar. Anyway, he went for surgery and the outcome was excellent. I hope your outcome is just as good
Dec 1st '17, 23:07 PM  
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So glad to hear you have a diagnosis! Hopefully the rest of the treatment goes swimmingly!

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