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Treadmill aversion

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' Forum started by MiniMe, Feb 12th, 2014 at 17:25 PM.
Feb 12th, 2014, 17:25 PM  
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Treadmill aversion

I have a treadmill at home and it is my go to cardio during the winter months. My problem is, I really detest the treadmill. It is so boring and it is hard to stay at it for very long. What can I do to make it more interesting?
Feb 12th, 2014, 19:09 PM  
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Can you listen to music to make it more fun? Or is there any way you can set up a magazine to read or video to watch on your phone?

When I go on my exercise bike it can be so boring, so I try to distract myself by watching YouTube videos on my phone!
Feb 12th, 2014, 20:02 PM  
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I agree with you on this one, I can't stand running in place like a gerbil. I guess if you really can't get outside to do something then it might make sense. Try to watch the TV or listen to music. That's what all the gym rats do!
Feb 14th, 2014, 04:15 AM  
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There's a thing called a treadmill desk for just that reason! Lots of people use them to write, work from home, or just keep in shape while they work. I can't afford one, so I just read on my tablet with music on in the background.
Feb 14th, 2014, 12:40 PM  
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There are also DVDs that you can watch, that are supposed to make it like you are on a walk in the country or a location of your choosing. I thought that it was a little odd, but I have a family member who loves them.
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