I can't get enough exercise

Oct 24th '13 16:58 PM
I've had two back surgeries and they left me damaged. I can't do much walking or... anything else really, but I need to get this weight off. It's been difficult. I've been watching my diet carefully but I think my metabolism is so low right now that diet alone isn't making the weight go away.
Oct 25th '13 20:20 PM
Can you swim? Maybe something like yoga/pilates?
Oct 26th '13 02:01 AM
This is a really tough position to be in, and I can't sympathize with you completely. I think swimming sounds like a really good idea if it's a possibility, but if not, watch your diet like a hawk and be careful not to eat too few calories. I know that may sound backwards, but if you eat too few you really will shut your metabolism down. You may need to visit with a nutritionist and run some tests to see exactly how many calories you should be eating.
Oct 26th '13 14:31 PM
I joined a gym with a warm water pool several weeks ago and was going regularly but then I took a downward turn and haven't went this past month. While in the water, I am not in much pain and it does help so that I can move around. When I get out of the water and gravity hits again, that is a different story.
Oct 28th '13 20:21 PM
Do you not have a physio who can give you suggestions for exercises? Also gyms should have personal trainers who can give you a workout suitable, I know my gym has PTs that are qualified to give advice and workout sessions to those who may not be able to be so active due to health reasons and my friends gym (Terrie she is on here) is equipped with machines for those with arthritis etc, have you asked? x
Oct 28th '13 20:56 PM
Swimming sounds like a great idea if you can get away with it. I know it can work wonders and I have already told my husband I want our next house to have a pool. You might also be able to try those low impact machines that put little pressure on your back, knees and ankles too.
Oct 28th '13 22:25 PM
House with a pool ... Oh me wants one of those lol!
Mar 22nd '14 03:16 AM
Ever try swimming in a hot spring?
Mar 23rd '14 22:27 PM
Did swimming help? That is the first thing I thought of when I read this. My dad has been told that he needs to be active in the pool. He has had several surgeries on his back and is in a lot of pain. Swimming and just walking in the water is what is helping him.
Mar 24th '14 14:51 PM
I am sure that swimming helps a good bit, heck it still helps me and I am not as bad as I feel sometimes but that is the thing I have noticed more after a car wreck than any other injury. Sometimes you have great days and sometimes you feel like you have been hit by the car for a second time.