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Welp, I'm done with the gym

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Oct 21st '19, 20:09 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Welp, I'm done with the gym

Hey everybody

I tried 2 trial memberships at local gyms. Spoiler alert: gyms are nightmares.

-Had a guy not move off a machine that he was 'using.' He just took Instagram pics for like 5 minutes.
-Similar encounter at gym #2. A couple said they were using it and just leaned on it for nearly 15 minutes.
-maybe 40 treadmills in one gym. 5 were broken and the rest were in use.

So the reason for this rant is to say I'm looking at starting a home gym, but since I've never bought home gym equipment before I could use some help. Does anybody have any feedback on some of the big-ticket items that I'm considering?

[Link removed by admin - didn't work]

I like the pulley tower combo. Just wanting to know if these need to be secured to the wall and what experiences people have getting these set up in the garage


My wife and I can't see eye to eye on the treadmill vs bike debate. This is the treadmill I want. I've read through the reviews and this seems like the best sweet spot of price/function. NT offers 1 year of iFit for free with a purchase. Has anybody used that and know if that's a good program? Also, do I need to worry about dust collecting in the motor since I'm storing this in my garage?


This is the bike my wife wants. I don't use bikes as much due to my back seems to get stiff after too long. Similar question to the treadmill, is dust from the garage gonna be an issue?


For the record, I hate how much benches cost. But my gut tells me I will regret he $50 equivalent of this that wal-mart sells. Does anybody have a recommendation of something that adjusts like this with the removable foot catch?

Anyway, I'll be filling out the rest of the home gym over time. I figure I'll just keep an eye out for some cheap plates and dumbbells and see what I can snag on the used market.

Thanks for any feedback this brings!
Jan 15th '20, 13:52 PM  
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at the Instagram situation!

How did you get on with your home gym planning?

I have read over time the NordicTrack treadmills are good, have you any reviews on it? Did you use ifit, is it any good? Rogue another very good brand. Love it although not the price tag.

So what did you guys go with if anything in the end?

I have a squat rack with pulley system, kettlebells, bench etc but no space for any cardio equipment such as a bike, rowing machine ir treadmill. Wish `I did though.

Jan 17th '20, 17:41 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Laughed at the instagram thing too

Hope you managed to work it out.

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