Feb 10th '18 18:40 PM
Hiya All

For those who like to exercise but dread doing daily life activities or turning up things but have to as you don't want to be lazy. Instead of thinking "oh well I am gonna miss this social group, meeting with friends today as I don't feel like it," it's not my scene, just think of the weight you will lose if you go regularly and then when you are out with friends, get into the conversation about what she's up/he's up to, how's work/how's kids, how's husband/wife. and next thing you know that cake doesn't seem that appetising. Say something like "lets go to starbucks for a chat, but dn't worry about the cake and then distract them if they are buying cake. "Just say "Jenny, you were telling me that Mark/johnny has done really well at school, " "don't worry about me, im a low carb/low sugar diet, my doctor told me i should cut down on the sweets, cakes, as she commented me at me during my last check up about headaches, she said they could be to blame"
Feb 12th '18 17:25 PM
Why would you lie why you don't want cake? I go for coffee with friends and I simply say I don't want cake!

If they want cake they can have cake. If I want cake I will have cake. If I don't want cake I won't have cake. I don't actually need an excuse or distract them.
Feb 12th '18 19:26 PM
A lot of friends can be a bit odd at times because sometime it can cause aggrievation and some friends like my ex friends can be like. "Why don't you just have piece of cake, it's not going to hurt, " and next thing you know they are like "just have a piece f word cake and you are in the argument from hell. Whereas if you say to them "I am on this diet, i am sugar and keep black and white, they wouldn't dispute it. But be as casual as possible.
Feb 13th '18 12:01 PM
I have to admit I agree with both people here.
Some people can just say 'No' and their friends/family will leave it at that. You don't even need to give any reasons, 'No' is a good enough answer
Other people however, aren't always as supportive/understanding. The term peer pressure is there for a reason, and this is one of those situations where peer pressure appears. I've been in this kind of situation with my ex, he wasn't supportive of me losing weight and it always turned into a massive argument each time I tried to refuse some kind of food, whether it was a piece of cake or going out for a meal. In that situation, it wasn't as easy to refuse for medical reasons, as I had none, however friends don't always know what's going on in our lives and there it becomes easier to make something up as a valid reason for refusal. It's a shame that it needs to be done sometimes, but as I said earlier, not everyone is as understanding when you say no.
Feb 13th '18 21:33 PM
AhI understand what you mean now. I was quite tired the other day.

I have had friends say IT WON'T HURT but they have backed off quickly. An I tell them I have cake and if I want cake I will have it but I don't today.

You think you will get the most support from your closest, sounds horrible to have lived with sarah x